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And the Hunt Begins

Thankfully our living room looks LOADS better than the picture below. We have slowly started to transform our house from boxland to actual living space and it feels great!

The hunt I'm referring to in the title is the hunt for furniture. The small amount of furniture we had in our apartment now sits in our basement. That's it. That's all the furniture we had. Ok, so we have a bed too. And a table. But that's it I swear. Our living room is so sadly empty, save for the few boxes of random crap that will probably never find a home. I should say it WAS empty until a few nights ago when Dave's parents brought over a sweet looking old desk that belonged to David's grandpa, and last night when Matt brought over a couch that we can borrow until we actually find something permanent (thank you so much Matt & Chloe!!).

But the hunt will continue. And let me tell you, it's a serious, thought provoking, finance reviewing, road tripping kind of hunt. Last weekend we trekked up to Becker Furniture World in hopes of being awed and wowed by the selection and prices. We were sadly disappointed, but at least there were big fake bears to take pictures with. Totally worth it.


Justin said...

I think that will look GREAT in your living room. Good choice!

Shelly said...

I come you didn't buy the bear? :)

Amanda said...

We had the same problem (empty livingroom, overpriced furniture in stores). If you can wait till Memorial Day, you might get some good sale prices. And, I agree, you should've bought the bear:)