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and you all thought cujo was just a movie...

I'm here to tell you that movie is real...and we are living it.

We have been taking our sweet little angel of a dog to puppy classes once a week and the first two weeks went great. I had in mind to title one of the after class posts, "my dog is smarter than your dog!" Olive is a herding dog, which automatically makes her intelligent and she was proving that to us in class when she would catch on to things quicker than her puppy counterparts and we were so proud.

During last night's class, however, she morphed into a monster right before our very eyes and took on a new name:


We are not sure if it had anything to do with the fact that yesterday was the first day she had been left alone ALL DAY. Up until yesterday family members have been letting her out around mid day, but that cant last forever, so we thought we would keep the little beast in her kennel all day to see how she did.
It could have been that.

Or it could have been anxiety from being surrounded by puppies bigger and rougher than her. I'm not sure.

What I DO know is that Dave left there with a puncture wound the size of the Grand Canyon on his finger from her sharp little puppy teeth, and we left all the other dog owners afraid that Olive would either bite them or bite their precious pooches.

Maybe now I should title it, "my dog is scarier than your dog."



Justin said...

Oh Olive Oyl! Sorry that she acted up -- but I'm sure she'll calm down at some point. Can't wait for her to give me puncture wounds next week!!!!

daningo said...

WOW! If I hadn't known it was a dog you were talking about I would of thought you were sharing a parenting experience :) I think dogs are a great way to "train" you in before you have kids. Kids seem to always surprise you, frequently embarrass you and can sometime bite :)