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A Shower of Yellow

I love baby showers.

I love baby showers even more when the baby mama is my best friend.

This is Becky and her baby:

Adorable, yes I know.

And this is her shower:

Guess the circumference game:

This picture is for you, Za:

Dear Little Bean,

We cant wait to meet you in a few weeks! We love you!


mrs boo radley said...

Your best friend is a baby mama too? And you don't like cantaloupe. Wow.

My best friend was due 6 days ago...maybe today will be the big day.

Those cupcakes look fantastic!

Jeff P said...

"A Shower of Yellow" is a little open to misinterpretation.

...just a thought.

Jessica said...

Ha! That's a good point Jeff. I may have to re-think my title.

Anonymous said...

thank you becky for the picture &
Congratulations on your new baby