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Bus Essay #1: There's a hole in my sandal, dear Liza.

There is a hole in my sandal. It doesn't bother me, but it's there. Staring at me. These sandals, have seen a lot, probably too much. A new pair would be refreshing to my feet & add some comfort into my day, but still the hole came a bit prematurely. You see, it's not just a hole to me. It's a gamut of emotions placed at the back right heel of my foam flip-flops. Love, patience, anger, joy, impatience, and all of this sprinkled with a dab of fear. Not boogie-man fear, but fear of change. Everything is changing, the world deteriorates and I grow older. The iPod I listen to will someday erode away, the bus I'm riding in will someday need an oil change, new tires, and probably an engine overhaul. The grass I see will be cut, reseeded, and possibly torn up for more highway. Yes, the second law of thermodynamics is running amok in Minnesota. As all of this is going on things ring true like a bell in the clock tower. I will become more patient, I will lose my temper, I will become more joyful, I will become irritated with people, I will fear & face change. Where will I find the ability to roll with the punches? It certainly won't be from a pair of new sandals. I know I am being taken care of...hole and all.


Justin said...

glad you posted this!!

J-mizzle said...
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J-mizzle said...

"Everything is changing, the world deteriorates and I grow older."

Cool statement. I forget sometimes that things are constantly aging. They look the same from day to day, but eventually break down and need to be replaced/repaired. Things like people, familiar places, and sandals, I guess.

Kind of a somber little note, but at least we have a source of strength to help us cope with this evolving existence.