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Again please

We had to go again. We just had to. We didn't consume nearly enough greasy food on a stick. Our feet didn't hurt as much as they should have. Our skin didn't reach that wonderful shade of red by the end of the night our first time there. So we had to go again.

How could we pass up the opportunity to see butter sculptures?

And loud, stinky animals?

This place changed my life

If you have never had cream cheese sandwiched between pickle slices, deep fried, and dunked in ranch dressing, you need to. Your life will be forever changed. Thank you Rachel and Callie for sharing this bit of delicious heaven with me. Speaking of good friend who lives up north in the woods came to the fair to hang out for a while.

I miss her.

This place did not change my life.

If you ever come across an exhibit promising to showcase wonders beyond your imagination and it includes things such as, "the human bat" and "spider girl," run, do not walk. Run far far away and don't look back. You have been warned.

I experienced a bit of deja vu at the fair this year. We saw these cloggers:

Which were the exact same cloggers that we saw here. Weird.

AND...This is a picture of Dave at the fair last year:

And this is a picture from this year:

Odd. Insert Twilight Zone music. Spooky.

Since yesterday was the last day of the fair, it really was goodbye until next year.

Dear Minnesota State Fair,
Thanks for being my friend year after year.
I heart you.


SnoWhite said...

Oh, how I miss the fair! Fairs in Michigan just are not the same.

Jweaver said...

I miss the fair too! We are going to REALLY try and be there for it next year. I can't wait!

The Baby Makes 4 said...

I can't believe Dave was even wearing the same shirt! Weird.


Noni said...

Now I am forced to dream about cheese curds for the next 12 months...mmmmmmmm