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Country Roads

My sister Kellie and I took a mini road trip up to Brainerd this weekend to visit my dear friend Rachel. And boy oh boy did she show us how to have fun small town style! We got up there Friday night and got down to business almost immediately by hitting up the local karaoke bar. The only thing (not sure if it was good or bad) was that we were the ONLY ones in the bar. Not the only ones doing karaoke, no the ONLY ones in the bar! Of course this made it easy to get into it and not feel like we were making fools of ourselves. Saturday afternoon we did some shopping and eating in Nisswa and then on to the Little Falls Dam Festival, where we saw this:

And this:

And then we saw this:

And just when we thought things couldn't get any better, Kellie and Rachel signed up to compete in their American Idol type contest. I know these aren't the greatest pictures, but they had it set up so the contestants were facing the judges and not the audience so I had to climb over a few people just to get these.

And lo and behold the out of towner took 3rd place in the competition. Way to go Kell!

Thanks for the small town hospitality Rachel. We had a great time! YEEHAW!


Autumn Hilden said...

That sounds like a funny and memorable trip. :) A good read!

Sara said...

what fun!

Stacey said...

Super fun trip! Honestly those are the best kind...small town...find the funky festivals and whatever. Glad you had fun!!