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in the club

Dave and I spent the weekend visiting our friends in LA. They are really our family, but sometimes I think of family more as friends. Like my sister, she's more of a best friend than a sister. It's supposed to be a good thing. It didn't really come out right.

Anyway, our time with Justin and Autumn is always amazing, and this time may have taken the cake because we were invited to join them at Disney's exclusive supper club called Club 33. Walt Disney crafted this club back in the 50's to entertain his friends and celebrities, and now it is used for basically the same thing. You have to be a member to dine there - or just have the right connections!

The cuisine was delicious, the fellowship charming and the atmosphere perfect.

Here is a whole group picture courtesy of our new friend Karissa.

(pictured here are our new friends Mallory, Jeff, Karissa and Paul. And Justin and Autumn of course. Oh, and us.)

We had an extremely knowledgeable waiter - Alistair - who relayed some of the history, took us on a little tour and answered all of our questions. It was pretty much the coolest thing ever. Seriously.

And the perfect night ended with a magical walk down main street at a near empty Disneyland.

(this picture also thanks to Karissa)


Jweaver said...

Sounds like you guys had a great trip!

SnoWhite said...

looks like it was a wonderful time!

Justin said...

So much fun was had! We are going to remodel our dining room to look like the Club. There WILL be animatronic vultures listening to all conversations.

birthday girl said...

wow, sounds like a fun (and romantic) evening. really nice job on your new layout- looks like you've got it totally under control! ;)

Jweaver said...

I like the layout.. but I LOVE the new picture of you two in the corner! So cute :)