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my husband the lumberjack

See? I only speak the truth.

And maybe it's just once a year with the other men folk during work weekend at the cabin, but it totally counts.

The men folk were mighty impressive this year in the sheer volume of trees cut down and split.

Thank you men folk. I just love saying men folk. It makes me feel like I live out on the prairie in a log cabin, cooking over a fire while wearing a bonnet.

This is my little cousin Jacob.

He was pretty much our own personal dog watcher/walker/entertainer. It was awesome.

Olive also received some TLC from Za.

She pretty much received constant attention the whole weekend. It definitely went to her head.

We went into town Saturday night for some delicious pizza at the Savoy and all our dreams came true when we saw this sign on the door:

Please take note of the name of the band. Thank you.

Unfortunately we left before we could partake in the sweet, sweet sounds that I'm sure would have come out of "trashville"

Another fabulous weekend was had by all

Including a nice quiet ride home


Kellie said...

Ok, this made me laugh out loud. No joke. Trashville??? Ok, I know you live in hickville, but where's your sense of pride man?! hahaha!

Autumn Hilden said...

cute pic of olive on the car seat.