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Ronal is the new Ronald

The McDonald's by our house is ridiculous. Particularly the sign they use to advertise new products and such. I'm not sure if they just don't have enough of those little plastic letters, or if they are not paying attention, or if they have employed a 5 year old to change the sign, but they are always missing letters, or are grammatically incorrect or a certain, important letter has fallen down. One thing is for sure, it always sends us into fits of laughter. Here are a few examples. I really wish I had pictures of these signs, but alas...I have none.

"Cool off with a iced mocha"

I don't know about you, but it drives me crazy when people don't use "an" in front of words that begin in a vowel. It just grates on my you know? And it just sounds wrong.

"Enjoy our new aspberry shakes"

This was one of those tragic moments when an important letter had fallen down. It was supposed to be "raspberry shakes"

"try a browni melt"

What's a browni melt?? I don't think I want to find out. Gross.

And our favorite so far...

"Meet Ronal this Saturday at 3"

Ronald was booked so they had settle for Ronal. Poor kids.

Dear MacDonald's in our neighborhood,
Thanks for keeping us constantly entertained. We have yet to try one of your advertised new items. Maybe if you started spelling them correctly....


Chloe said...

I definitely noticed the "a iced mocha" sign. Terrible. I think they even put it up the same way on two different occasions.

mrs boo radley said...


Or is it 'OL?

Have you ever seen Spellbound, the documentary about the spelling bee championship? It's so funny how all the schools that send off winning students put up a sign outside to congratulate them...and it's always rife with spelling errors.

Justin said...

OOO man. I could just go for a Brown I melt.

birthday girl said...

Hilarious and sad at the same time. So do you have any corgi tips or advice from Olive? We're having fun with Scout, but she sure is a curious little pup!