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mustache goes to the orchard

Traditions. I love them. I'm all about the things you do "every year" especially around the holidays. It just makes an already special time more special.
Going to the apple orchard is very high on my "must do" list for the fall. It's a tradition. We go to the same apple orchard every year. We taste and pick apples. We buy apple turnovers and listen to live polka music. We board a giant wagon pulled by a tractor to get to our desired apple picking destination.

This year things didn't go exactly as planned.

As we drove up the long driveway of Minnesota Harvest and got to the expansive grass parking lot we were shocked to find it nearly empty. We parked right up by the barn (which in previous years was impossible due to the sheer volume of people) and wandered in with confusion written all over our faces. Thankfully someone was good enough to explain this Twilight Zone-esque scene before us. A leak in the roof had been discovered the night before and most of the big barn was shut down. WHAT?! Do you know what that meant? No apple turnovers. No polka music. No 237 kids running around with sticky faces having melt downs because they were told they had reached their apple donut limit. WHAT?!

We did leave with apples but we did not pick them. Sad day.

Thankfully the other part of our tradition was enjoyed. We had lunch at Emma Krumbees and it was delicious. And something new was added to the tradition:

Jim's Apple Farm

This place is wondrous to behold. it's stuffed to the gills with old fashion candy, root beer, honey, jam, sauces of all kinds, pastries, jerky. It was awesome. And you know what else is awesome? The fact that Dave was still sporing his mustache from his Halloween costume the night before.


The Beals said...

I've Heard Emma Crubmee's is Yumma's. Bummer about the barn being closed.

Autumn Hilden said...

I LOVE MN HARVEST!!!!!!!!!!! It is the ONLY apple orchard. the best is the smell. it smells SO good. and the trails! have you walked the trails? and the giant pig!

Noni said...

What a bummer! We love the apple orchard too! They have the best apple desserts at MN Harvest :)