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its not a pitchfork!

Pumpkin carving almost didn't happen this year. The fall has been incredibly busy for us, but thankfully we figured out how to fit it in.

We ended up carving on my birthday which made it even more special.

Even though mine looks like the devil's pitchfork, it's really not. It is supposed to be a candelabra with the bottom part on a second pumpkin. I had this grand idea of stacking them and having the carving span the two pumpkins. Alas...I ran out of time, leaving me with a pitchfork. I was even asked by some trick or treaters if it was a pitchfork. Rats.

Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us carve at your house and for the use of your big sharp knives!


Jweaver said...

what a cool idea to stack the pumpkins, I can see it in my head. Oh well, you still have a beautiful non-pitchfork.