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the blaster

Monday was just a rotten day for me. I was tired, work was...dull, I was late getting to work because of the snow and it also took me an hour and a half to get home because of it. So - needless to say, I was a bit crabby at the end of the day.

I went to the mailbox, hoping something in there would cheer me up, and lo and behold, look what were the only three pieces of mail we received that day.

Upon seeing these three treasures, Dave seems to to think that I jumped up and down, exclaimed, "my life is changed forever" and started giggling like a little school girl. But what I most likely did was say, "oh cool...some magazines" while shrugging my shoulders with indifference.

You can decide who to believe.

As for the rest of our night, I have two words for you:

Batter Blaster

Seeing this in the store, I always thought it had to be the grossest thing since sea monkeys, and we always made jokes about it and went on our merry way. But Dave decided to pick up a can to make some waffles. The thing that kills me about Batter Blaster is that it says it's organic. Not that I think the good folks at the Blaster are lying, it's just strange to me. Organic pancake/waffle batter in a can?!

It may be because my expectations were so low, but the Blaster did not disappoint. The waffles were quite tasty.


The Beals said...

I'm sorry jess, I just have to laugh. Dave posted that quote on his facebook page a few days ago and I thought it was so funny. Now I read about how it REALLY went down and it's even funnier. (I believe your scenario more than I believe Dave's.) :p LOL

Dave said...

ummmm, it went from tears to jumping up and down. No joke. It was like a kid who just got a giant sucker from the bank.

Jweaver said...
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Jweaver said...

Batter Blaster?? wow, that sounds.. interesting. It was good? I'm on a quest to find a good waffle batter recipe, as you know. This isn't really what I was looking for but maybe I should give this a try just for kicks.
AND, I am going to have to side with Dave on this one. Totally believe it. I know how excited Jessica can get about things :)

Jessica said...

Janet - it's not nearly as good as a home made waffle batter would be (which we are still on the hunt for a recipe as well) it's just better than I expected it to be.

Julie - thanks for believing in me :) Dave's account was a tad more accurate, I'm afraid to say.

stimps said...

Jessica: I've found that the addition of a tablespoon of cornmeal to the batter really crisps the waffles up. =)