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the good kind of busy

alternately titled: what have the Hildens been up to?

We have been busy. But it's the good kind of busy.

Below you will find a separate Jessica/Dave list of things we have been up to.


* Meetings at church

* I recently took on a new ministry at church and have been busy making phone calls to local food shelves and meeting with my team in order to start our own food pantry. It's a large endeavor, but one I'm super excited about and cant wait to see what amazing ways God is going to work in and through it.

* Game night with out of town friends, and new friends

* Weekly dinner and american idol viewing with siblings

* Cabin trip

* 2nd anniversary

* Date day

* Neighborhood watch group (ok, so tonight is our first meeting, so we haven't been busy with this yet. But we will!)

* Trying out new recipes. Chicken spaghetti anyone??

* Vacuuming dog hair. seriously, this could be a full time job

* Preparing for our cruise. that's right folks - in 30 days we will be sailing to the western Caribbean

* Viewing a friend's new bachelor pad

* Trips to Joann's and S.R. Harris for patterns and fabric

* Making use of our new (free!) treadmill

* Putting together a brochure for our church service. have I mentioned we've been busy with church stuff??


* Reading, reading, reading. I started War and Peace and Jess is blazing through the Uglies series.

* Playing a perpetual game of fetch with Olive

* Shoveling sidewalks, pathways, and driveways. And enjoying the impromptu block parties that arise from it

* Making a mix CD, "the year of the dog." It's a good one.

* Trying to make microwave baked vanilla cake in a coffee mug. That's a whole different post.

* Trying out new bus routes through different parts of the city. Wondering how a new restaurant can claim "world famous philly cheese steak" name. I will find out and report back

* Did Jess say wishing we were on our cruise??

* Reliving a good Vikings season through Madden 2010. Last game the Vikings beat the Bengals 76-14 if anyone is interested. Don't worry, we have already clinched the division too.

* Playing Fish Tales nightly. Raging at Fish Tales nightly.

Like I's the good kind of busy.


Kristin said...

War and Peace is a great book...Though I enjoyed the War sections way more than the Peace sections. :-)

Good luck with it, though. That's a huge undertaking. :-)

Justin said...

Cake in a mug?! You can't keep this magic from the world, Dave.