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diy mirror makeover

Step 1: purchase an old mirror from a thrift store for $1.25

Step 2: make sure to capture your dog's reflection in one of your mirror pictures.

Step 3: spray paint the mirror a yummy cream color in a VERY cold garage

Step 4: hang it above a beloved piece of furniture

Step 5: put a blue pom in the picture to add some color.

Step 6: step back and admire your work

Step 7: LOVE what you just did with your living room


Justin said...

$1.25?!?!? That looks amazing!

Autumn said...

i am always looking for stuff like that, and i never, ever find it. great work!

Chloe said...

Thrift stores + spray paint = the best combination ever! Beautiful work.

Jweaver said...

love it Jess, good job!

Laurie Amos said...

So clever! Amazing transformation.

Anonymous said...

love it!
did you use a primer?

Erica said...

$1.25?! I can never find anything this cheap! So jealous! :)

Schüttguttechnik said...


the mirror looks fantastic. i love furniture in baroque style, i have a frame which looks similar to your mirrow.