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3 hour tour

Now sit right back and I'll tell a tale, a tale of a....
Ok - it wasn't a fateful trip, it was an awesome trip! We took a ride on an old steam boat that had been on the bottom of lake Minnetonka for...80 years? I don't remember exactly because I threw my brochure away, but it was a LONG time.

The boat took us to Big Island where there was an amusement park way back in the day. You know that rickety white roller coaster at Valley Fair? That used to be on Big Island. Now it's just a big empty island for exploring and picnics.

So we've got "Gilligan and the Skipper too"

Does that make us "the millionaire..and his wife" ??

I thought so.


Justin said...

Nice! I want to do that next time we are home.