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the end of an era

My sister and I have been roommates more times over the years than I cant count. Pretty much off and on throughout our entire lives. When I got married I never thought I would have a chance to live with her again. About a year ago, she needed a place to live while going to school so we said, "sure, move in with us!" and it has been a blast!

All that to say, she moved out last weekend. Insert sad face. I miss her.

Roommates for life!! Ok, just for a year, but still.


Jweaver said...

Please tell Kellie how beautiful she is! I love her trendy hair!
Also. I miss you. :)

Justin said...

That first pic has Dave power walking with his angry face on. He is NOT HAPPY to lose that fondue pot.

Laurie Amos said...

Kellie will miss you too Jess. You two are more than best friends. Warms a mother's heart.