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our little squirt

There are several websites that compare the size of a growing baby to fruits and veggies. It's kind of nice to have that mental comparison, but we took it one step further. I cant take credit for this idea though, I saw it somewhere in the world wide web, but cant remember where.

We have been taking pictures of me with the fruit that is represented for that week. Here is a sampling of our pics:



You can just start to see a growing belly in this one!


We are now in week 13, and I'm just starting to get my energy back. YAY!!


Jweaver said...

I can see a little belly! SO CUTE!!!! I have seen that idea done too and I love it. Can't wait to see more fruit and veggies and even better.. your belly growing!

Jeff P said...

I'm holding out for Watermelon

Laurie Amos said...

Me too or a pumpkin!