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a late easter post

When I asked Dave when we were going to color Easter eggs this year, this is the conversation that transpired:

Dave: are we doing that? it seems weird
Jessica: why is it weird? it's good practice. You know we are doing it with our kids!
Dave: well, that actually makes sense. it will just be three adults here doing it. that's weird.

I guess the tradition is so ingrained in me that I don't see anything weird about three adults sitting around the table coloring Easter eggs!

We didn't use a kit this year, just a combination of regular and neon food coloring.
Didn't they turn out nice and bright?

Coloring Easter eggs as an adult is not weird Dave!!


Jweaver said...

definitely not weird at all :)

Dave said...

It turned out to be fun. The weird part was having 2 dozen eggs to eat. Have you seen my egg salad? I feel like I had one sandwich from that stuff.