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creepy carnival

Our town has a celebration every year called Whiz Bang Days and they have all kinds of things to do, including a carnival. We have never been to said carnival so this year we decided we should go. It was....interesting. I'm not even sure how to adequately describe this carnival for you. It was creepy. It was tiny which just made it somewhat awkward. The rides were ancient, as in something you would see on American Pickers, not at an operational carnival. The ride and game operators were stereotypical if you get my drift. We both decided one time at this particular carnival was enough for a lifetime. Here are some pictures. I gave them all a 70's tint since that's when the rides should have been RETIRED.

We did stay long enough to grab some grub (who can pass up cheese curds??) but we took our food outside of the carnival grounds, out where normalcy reigns and where we were free from the crazy carnival time warp.


Laurie Amos said...

I think I may have been on some of those rides when I was a kid.