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downtown day of fun

For birthdays and christmas, Roger prefers "experiential" gifts as opposed to a gift he can open. So for his Christmas present (yes, Christmas) we took him to the baseball museum, to explore the Guthrie as well as the stone arch bridge, and then dinner at Old Spag. We were supposed to go to the Mill City Museum, but that was closed due to the government shut down.

The baseball museum was interesting. Not what I expected at all. It was like walking through someone's musty basement, but it was neat to see all the old World Series artifacts and such.

The Guthrie is one of my very favorite places to go and Roger and Linda had never been there, so it was really fun to show them around.

View from the endless bridge.

And we went to part of the Guthrie that I had never seen before. A lookout spot with amber glass!

Then it was stone arch bridge time!

And finally, we had dinner. I dont have any pictures of that because I was too busy oohing and ahhing over ever.single.componant of my meal. Seriously.


Justin said...

Did you plan to coordinate outfits?