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Heirloom tomato

Do you love how our grill is in every one of these pictures?? We grill alot, ok?


And now for an introduction:

Skeletor (or Skelly as Dave says) meet the world. World....I give you skeletor

I really like the close up of the face, but it's so skeletal, it's a bit funny! The bottom one is my favorite though. A head, two hands, two feet. So cute!
I have to say....that ultrasound was pretty much the coolest 20 minutes of my life. I LOVED it!


The Beals said...

Isn't it amazing! They can see so much on those ultrasounds. It's like a really sneak peak into meeting your little "heirloom tomato."

Jweaver said...

this is my favorite post! 1. you look lovely in yellow 2. The photo of you holding your belly makes my heart smile 3. I love Skelly!!!! I can't wait to give your belly a kiss. And you a great big hug of course :)

Laurie Amos said...

Cutest little Skelly I've ever seen!

Ingrid said...

Love your belly! So cute :) Cherish each day, 11 years has flown by SO FAST!! The first pregnancy is so special. Love that you are sharing.