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2 months

I just taught myself how to do this in photoshop and I'm pretty proud

Here is Olive, as Justin says, sneak attacking her love

Here are your two months stats, Max:

- you are smiling and on the verge of giggling. Can't wait to hear your giggle!
- you have found your fist and suck on it often
- you have started liking (and smiling at) your toys, particularly your lowly worm rattle and monkey rattle
- you are growing out of your newborn clothes!
- you are 10 pounds, 13 ounces

You are the joy of my heart, Max.


Chloe @ A Creative Call said...

Are those little month by month stickers that you put on his onesies? So cute. I think he's starting to look like his daddy.

Jessica said...

Yes! I got them at one of my showers. I'm pretty sure they are from an Etsy shop.

Justin said...

Ninja strike!!!