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My grandma, Za, has been in the hospital since last week. She had a brain hemorrhage which is very similar to a stroke. She has a very hard time communicating and doesn't have use of her left side. It has been very scary! But thankfully she is improving little by little every day.
For those of you looking for an update, here it is:
She is able to talk more and more each day and has been swallowing some liquids, which is so great! However, they have been unsuccessful at stabilizing her blood pressure. It's too high, which is dangerous in her condition. Please pray that the medical staff is able to figure out the appropriate medication and dosage to stabilize her blood pressure and that she regains use of her left side.

We love you, Za!


Jweaver said...

continuing to pray for Za and your family :) The picture of her holding Max is so very precious!

hildenl said...

Thanks for your update on your Grandmother. Our prayers continue for her and the family.