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the shower of showers

All of my showers were amazing, but I wanted to highlight one in particular. My friends are so amazingly talented at throwing a party! Here is a sampling of their creativity and hard work.

Check it:

These were the party favors. Inside the cups were onesie shaped cookies!

Everyone was given a letter of the alphabet to decorate for the nursery - they turned out so cute!

Check out my big belly. And just think, all that time I thought I was having a girl!

Me and the party planners. I'm sure they would be available for hire if anyone needs help with a party. They are so amazing and creative! Thank you Becky, Janet, and Rachel!


Jweaver said...

we had such a fun time planning your shower! Seeing some of those pictures really makes my hungry.. specifically, the peanut butter brownie shots and the spinach and artichoke bites. yum!