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Let them eat cake!

The bakery we used for our wedding is this great little neighborhood place near my office. Everything was perfect, except the small, but very important detail of including the cupcake stands wtih the cupcakes for the reception. When made aware of this blunder, they sent us a refund of the cost of getting different (expensive) cupcake stands at the last minute and a gift certificate for a free cake! This certificate was going to expire soon, so I jumped on the chance for free cake. While ordering, she asked if I wanted it decorated in a certain way. I responded with "um...spring flowers" since there was still snow on the ground, and "can you have it say Congratulations?" Then I had to come up with something to celebrate. Hmm...nothing immediately came to mind since neither one of us were having birthdays. I decided to call David and announce that, "tonight we will be celebrating being married for two months!" Cheesy I know, but come on...that's something to celebrate!


justin said...

two months already? crazy! enjoy that cake! i think you guys should feed each other pieces in order to truly celebrate the occasion.

Anonymous said...


I felt bad for saying I didn't like your blog. I didn't mean it.