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Fake Parents

Last weekend we stayed with two little kids while their parents were away; Alithea (4) and Danny (2). They are very well-behaved children, so the weekend was not exhausting in a "we ran after disobedient children all weekend" way, I only administered one time out, but we both were so tired when we got home Sunday afternoon, despite their good behavior. It was fun to kind of test out our parenting skills and see how we would react in certain situations. We both decided that being parents will be fun someday. Dave made sure to emphasize the someday.
One funny thing about the weekend is how obsessed with guns Danny is. He LOVES to play guns with whatever object happens to be lying around. His object of choice on Saturday was a big wooden whistle he said he was shooting bad guys with. If anyone knows Dave even semi well, you will know that he holds some pretty strong peacemaker beliefs and doesn't like guns at all, so to see him playing guns with Danny was pretty funny. We took the kids to Fuddruckers for dinner and they have a coin operated hunting game that of course drew Danny in like a magnet. All he wanted to do was play this hunting game with the big shot gun. We let both the kids play it and even Dave played a round!
All in all, it was a good weekend and it was fun to be fake parents, for a small amount of time. And that small amount of time is plenty for now...

Hi all. Dave Here. I thought I would quick add a few photos from the weekend. Overall it was a pretty fun weekend, and I for sure would do it again. It made me realize that having kids will be doable and Jessica and I will have a great time having them.......someday. Here's the pics.

"No, No Thea. After you shoot the gun you have to cock it again. Like this..."


The Baby Makes 4 said...

Love the caption. Made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

so CUTE you guys! you're going to be great parents someday! Jess, I hope that your 'someday' and our 'someday' are close so that we can be mommys together :)

Lori said...

This is TOO crazy...a friend of a friend of a "blog friend" (or something like that) found your post about Thea and Danny and said, "Do you think this could be the SAME Thea and Danny that you know?"
And, yes, they are...SMALL WORLD, but my husband's first cousin is Tim. We have SO enjoyed getting to know Tim and Helen as friends and "peer parents" as we have kids around the same age (ours our 7, 5, and 4) - in fact, they recently spent a weekend "up North" here with us this winter. I think they mentioned a GREAT couple who look after their kiddos from time to time (were they at the MACHE conference?) - must be YOU guys! We look forward to spending a few days with them this summer, too...
Hope it's not too strange, but I just couldn't NOT comment! :-)