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The Life of a Treasure Hunter for Me!

Dave and I went to see National Treasure 2 last night. I know some of you think those movies are super cheesy, but I for 1 love them! I am captivated every time by that kind of movie or book (Dan Brown writes the same kind of clue following, conspiracy filled adventures). After seeing a movie like that, I immediately want to leave the current life I lead in order to have a life of stealing ancient documents and kidnapping presidents. Why does it suck me in every time? Let's face it, it's certainly not the stellar dialogue. It must be the magic of Hollywood. Who wants to be a measly accounting assistant crunching numbers when somewhere out there, there are ciphers to decode, clues to crack and treasure to find??


Anonymous said...

You forgot the cool Resolute desks! I would do that job just to unlock the cool desks. P.s. if you need an accomplice for the treasure hunting of your...I will gladly follow.