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A nice trip to the great white APRIL?!

Jessica and I took a nice little weekend getaway to Za and Bumpa's, Jessica's Grandparents, cabin this past weekend. Beautiful weather rolled in on Saturday and we went for a nice walk in 45 degree weather. The sun shined, we couldn't be happier.....until that night! CRACK, BOOM! We heard a distant wasn't that distant at all actually. We gaily chuckled to ourselves as we heard the slight patter of what we thought to be rain. WE WERE WRONG. SNOOOOOOW. Lots of SNOW. It started falling in buckets. One to two hours later we had about an inch, and we decided to hit the hay. Sunday morning we awoke to tons of snow. Over the next 24 hours it snowed around 24 inches! Unfortunately the plow guy couldn't come to plow out the driveway until Monday afternoon, so we both had to miss a day of work. Bitter/Sweet feelings flowed through our veins. Bitter: the possibility of having to use PTO that has already been spent in BELIZE! Sweet: Being trapped in a winter wonderland with my wife! Overall we had a great time at the cabin, wouldn't change a thing, except maybe all the phone calls we made to Randy the plow guy. I ended up dreaming that his entire family came to the cabin....although the cabin magically had a sweet 80s arcade, so.


justin said...

wow that's a lotta snow.

that's what great memories are made of:
snow. cabins. randy.