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Books, Books, Books

This Christmas happened to be the year of books for me. I received non-fiction, fiction, comics, and a set of Oceanography books by Jacques Cousteau (thank you Jessica).

I'm trying to read through them, and I have already made a smallish dent. I recently finished Les Miserables which has now become my favorite book of all time. It blew my mind. The book was filled with every human emotion in the book. (literally!)I had never read a book and really felt for the characters like I did in Les Mis. Victor Hugo was an amazing writer. Two years ago I had the pleasure of reading Hunchback of Notre Dame, and that book blew me away also. I'm going to have to see what other books Victor has up his sleeve.

Since finishing Les Miserables I decided to take a little break from the super serious, old time, long books, and to cleanse my palet with a lighter selection of books. I recently just finished Steve Martin's autobiography Born Standing Up. I really enjoyed reading about Steve Martin's beginnings and his ascent to comedic fame. The book made me want to create a time machine, go back to 1978, and watch his "Wild and Crazy Guy" stand up bit. Luckily for me I was able to buy the album at Barnes and Noble for 7.99, but it's just not the same. My parents had the chance to go see him when he was still selling out stadiums and making the world laugh with an arrow through his head, and I'm glad I have them to fill in the blanks for me. If anyone wants an interesting glimpse into the mind and beginnings of Steve Martin (or stand up comedians in general), this is the book to read. Let me know if you want to borrow it!


Justin said...

Congrats on finishing Les Mis! Quite an accomplishment! And I NEED to see those Coustaeu books! I am on a mission to finish the Disney biography and I am almost done. Only two years later!