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"Higher, higher, I need more steps!"

Recently we had the privilege of watching yet another movie on our journey through all the best picture winners....The Great Ziegfeld.

The movie was about a man that had humble beginnings working on a circus like side-show and slowly became a "rich" producer of great stage shows. I say "rich" because it focuses mainly on his ability to show stage shows with great success, only to be begging for more money to produce his next great idea.

Much like the other best pictures we have seen so far, this movie was created on an epic scale. I'll be the first to admit it was kind of lengthy. It clocks in at almost 3 hours, but they go really watch the movie in two segments like we did. The intermission serves as a perfect pause point. My one complaint was that it shows long elaborate dance numbers. Yes they were grand, yes they were amazing, but 20 minutes for one show gets a bit long.

Overall, the 3 of us really enjoyed the movie. It comes highly recommended.


Chloe said...

1. Dave, 2. Jessica, 3. ???

Jessica said...

Dont get any crazy ideas. :) The third person apart of our journey through the best picture winners is none other than my sister, Kellie.

Chloe said...

I knew the explanation was rational, but thought I would point out the lack of detail just to keep you on your toes.