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More Luge Please

I want to talk more about luging, is that ok? I just cant help it, I love it so much. Plus I have some more really great pictures to share. I love a lot of things, but if I were to make a list, luging would be in the top ten for sure!

Note to readers: this list does not include things that shouldn't be ranked, like God, family, friends, etc. This list mostly includes inanimate objects like my cast iron skillet and my plant Rhonda.

Dear Luge,

I love you. I will surely miss you when you melt.


Your biggest fan

And now, for your viewing pleasure...a smattering of luge pictures.

Luging in the dark!

We even turned off ALL the outside lights and went down in the complete darkness -backwards!

Isn't this one cool?

Ok, that's all. I promise I wont talk about the luge anymore for a long time. Well, I cant promise, but I'll try really hard.


Sara said...

looks awesome! winter is so much fun.