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say hello to my little friend

This is Rhonda.

She's an amaryllis.

She was given to me by one of my co-workers for Christmas.

Isn't she pretty?

Ok, so she's not much to look at yet, but soon she will be big and beautiful and will bring a bit of spring into our cold, wintery world, and for that I'm grateful.

She has grown since this photo and I'll be sure to post updates as she matures and beautifies.

We don't have pets or kids ok? Is it so wrong to take pictures of our plants? Plant. There's only one. And her name is Rhonda.


t h a i t r a i t said...

You are totally us. We take pics of our plants all. the. time.

Welcome, Rhonda, you bring your owners much joy already.

Laurie Amos said...

So far so...well....She does have some growing up to do doesn't she? I'm sure she will be very beautiful when she matures.

Autumn Hilden said...

i love, love, love the tone of this post.