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Bus Essay #1: There's a hole in my sandal, dear Liza.

There is a hole in my sandal. It doesn't bother me, but it's there. Staring at me. These sandals, have seen a lot, probably too much. A new pair would be refreshing to my feet & add some comfort into my day, but still the hole came a bit prematurely. You see, it's not just a hole to me. It's a gamut of emotions placed at the back right heel of my foam flip-flops. Love, patience, anger, joy, impatience, and all of this sprinkled with a dab of fear. Not boogie-man fear, but fear of change. Everything is changing, the world deteriorates and I grow older. The iPod I listen to will someday erode away, the bus I'm riding in will someday need an oil change, new tires, and probably an engine overhaul. The grass I see will be cut, reseeded, and possibly torn up for more highway. Yes, the second law of thermodynamics is running amok in Minnesota. As all of this is going on things ring true like a bell in the clock tower. I will become more patient, I will lose my temper, I will become more joyful, I will become irritated with people, I will fear & face change. Where will I find the ability to roll with the punches? It certainly won't be from a pair of new sandals. I know I am being taken care of...hole and all.

Homemade Hostess

My dad loves Hostess Cupcakes. Well, I should say he did until they made the biggest mistake of their lives and changed the recipe. I'm sure they more or less just altered the amount or volume of a few chemicals in the super healthy treats. The chemical make up of Hostess snakes is not the point of this post however. The point is, you can make a homemade version! I made a batch for Father's Day and they were a hit! I used the cake batter from this recipe and the filling and icing from this recipe.

Give it a try! Yum.

and you all thought cujo was just a movie...

I'm here to tell you that movie is real...and we are living it.

We have been taking our sweet little angel of a dog to puppy classes once a week and the first two weeks went great. I had in mind to title one of the after class posts, "my dog is smarter than your dog!" Olive is a herding dog, which automatically makes her intelligent and she was proving that to us in class when she would catch on to things quicker than her puppy counterparts and we were so proud.

During last night's class, however, she morphed into a monster right before our very eyes and took on a new name:


We are not sure if it had anything to do with the fact that yesterday was the first day she had been left alone ALL DAY. Up until yesterday family members have been letting her out around mid day, but that cant last forever, so we thought we would keep the little beast in her kennel all day to see how she did.
It could have been that.

Or it could have been anxiety from being surrounded by puppies bigger and rougher than her. I'm not sure.

What I DO know is that Dave left there with a puncture wound the size of the Grand Canyon on his finger from her sharp little puppy teeth, and we left all the other dog owners afraid that Olive would either bite them or bite their precious pooches.

Maybe now I should title it, "my dog is scarier than your dog."


A Shower of Yellow

I love baby showers.

I love baby showers even more when the baby mama is my best friend.

This is Becky and her baby:

Adorable, yes I know.

And this is her shower:

Guess the circumference game:

This picture is for you, Za:

Dear Little Bean,

We cant wait to meet you in a few weeks! We love you!

The Yard

Spring is the perfect time to move into a new house because everything starts to grow and you get to discover what plants inhabit your yard. These are just a few of the beauties that have bloomed.

And my non-blooming friends:

Dear Herbs,
You are still beautiful even though you don't have flowers. Especially you cilantro.

New Crush

I told you it would happen and it has happened. I have moved on from Twitter and now have a new love. And it's not Facebook. I really just cant do the Facebook thing. Does that make me a bad person?

My new crush: Etsy

Similar to my crush on Craigslist, I've known about and perused the goods on Etsy many times before but for some reason now I must have a daily look.

For those of you not familiar with Etsy, you must check it out. It's a website where artists can display and sell their wares; everything from paintings, to clothes, to pottery, to soap and candles. It's all hand made and there's a feature that even lets you shop locally. I love it.

I have my eye on a few artists. I want to get some prints for our bedroom and guest room. And living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen...I have a serious addiction. If only I had an unlimited supply of cash to support this habit.

Anyway..check out these two Etsy shops:

Papercut Art

Eyeful Photography

Tres magnifique, no?