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boeuf bourguignon

It's one of Julie Child's famous dishes. I tried my hand at it for our Valentine dinner. How did it turn out? Hmm...let's just say I didn't do it justice. But. That might be because our oven almost started on fire right before I started making it. I had our Valentine cheesecake in there and my springform pan was dripping butter all over the bottom of the oven. Picture this: kitchen and surrounding rooms filled with smoke and a dizzying smell that I couldn't escape. It was pretty epic.

So after waiting for the oven to cool down so I could scrub it out, I finally started the 4 hour process of the beef dish. And I had one more thing against me. I didn't have tomato paste. The recipe only called for a few tablespoons of it so I thought I could just omit it. That might have been where I went wrong.

In all honesty, both the cheesecake and the main meal turned out just fine and I would encourage anyone to try making it. It was definitely a learning process! Now that I kind of know how to do it, I think I'm going to try it again will the right ingredients. Ha!

I also don't think this is what it's supposed to look like, but I may or may not have skipped a step or two in the "presentation" part of the recipe. Come on Julia......I had already been at it for four hours, I couldn't bother with presentation!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go have a piece of leftover cheesecake. Because it's YUM!


Lacey said...

Bon Apetite! I just love Julia. Somedays, when my house isn't completely crazy, I still watch her cook. Thankfully she is usually on during naptime. And yes, if a beef dish calls for tomato paste, do not omit it. It adds a wonderful acid and richness to the dish. Also, I have two suggestions for tour springform woes.
1. Wrap the outside of the pan (I usually do plastic wrap and then foil but plastic wrap in only necessary if you do step 2.
2. Place springform pan in a deeper pan with water. This will help with even baking.

Way to try something new!

SnoWhite said...

Still looks tasty to me!!

We make our version in the crockpot -- it's tasty.

Photos of the cheesecake?!