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more about three years

We had a wonderful time celebrating our anniversary last night! We went to Broder's which is one of our favorite little places. They make their own pasta so it's always super delicious. Here's what we dined on:

looks amazing doesn't it? That's because it was. I wanted to get a picture of the two of us to document our third year, but I only had my phone camera and the food was there on the table, hot and ready to eat. I interrupted our neighbor's conversation to ask if she would take a picture of us with my phone. She accepted, but looked at me like I had just grown another head. We really were having a good time, despite what this picture seems to reveal:

Don't we look awkward?

You can see how we celebrated our first two years here and here

We are traditionalists when it comes to the anniversary gift and this year it was leather. I decided that I was going to make Dave a wallet, so that's what I did. With the help of my sister of course. But I did most of the sewing, promise!

I think it turned out quite nicely. I'm also going to show you the card I made. Mostly because I'm proud of it.

Cute right? Speaking of cards, I made another card recently for a friend of ours. Can you tell what it's supposed to be?? Those of you who already know are not allowed to guess.

And no, the dude is not from the Nickelodeon show "Doug" even though that's what it looks like. HA! Ahhh...that card makes me happy.

What else....oh yes! I have to show you what Dave got me. Because its awesome. And he deserves props because he picked it out with ZERO help from me and hit it out of the park!


And this is my favorite part. Look at the inside:

I'm in love.


Justin said...

Is that an Inception card? Happy Anniversary you crazy leather-making love birds.

Laurie Amos said...

Wow Jess! You surprise me all the time. Your so talented and creative.

Love the purse Dave! Good job.

Jweaver said...

is that where you took Rachel and me? yum
also, you don't look awkward at all ;) you look lovely. both of you!