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I can still talk about the weekend right? It's only Tuesday so I'm going to say yes.

This winter has been forever long. Seriously. I need fresh flowers to keep me sane.

Remember when I told you about our extra large visitor? Behold:

I'm paranoid about ice dams, so Dave is trying to quell my fears by scraping off part of the roof. What a guy!


Jweaver said...

I love your apron! And please tell me where that pastry goodness came from.. cafe or homemade?? It looks delicious.

Jessica said...

I wish they were homemade!! they are from my favorite little bakery...Rustica!

The Baby Makes 4 said...

We have ice dams...not fun. This is how I have been combatting it, and so far it seems to be working.,,211604,00.html


Justin said...

I want a great dane and a Fox Trot anthology in MY lap.