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For the past two days, instead of going into the office as usual, Brown & Brown sent me to a Microsoft Excel class, and I loved every minute of it. Alright, so perhaps not every minute. Some minutes were filled with being much too tired since I arrived that first day coffee-less. Big mistake. And some minutes my brain shut off due to information that was beyond my comprehension. You're telling me Excel does what exactly?? But the majority of minutes I was simply happy to sit there and let my brain absorb all the Excel knowledge it could possibly handle. Most of my thoughts since leaving class yesterday afternoon have been consumed with how I can turn everything in my life into a snazzy new spread sheet, and what formulas I can come up with that will impress the socks off everyone I know. Sick isn't it? I just cant help myself. I am a nerd.


Caleb said...

Nested IF functions are the best.

justin said...

i can't quite understand this post, maybe if you laid it out in spreadsheet form? :)

Bea said... ARE a nerd...I can't believe it. I mean, the #1 requirement for nerddom is you MUST be in love with spreadsheets. Congratulations-you have officially passed over!

Noni said...

I share the same joy in learning new tricks in Excel! Being able to create spreadsheets with functions and formulas makes life so much easier, not to mention so much more organized! Glad you are now a pro!! :)

The Baby Makes 4 said...

=IF(spreadsheets=nerdom, A1, A2)

1 Steve is a nerd
2 Don't want to acknowledge result

Anonymous said...

You make your Mama proud.