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Yo yo yo yo yo Yoda *

This weekend was filled with family, food (I got the bleu cheese laden sandwich I'd been craving) and most importantly - FUN! I'm sure Dave will post later about the sweet hangout time we had with Justin while him and Autumn were in town, but I'm here to report on the Friday evening happenings. We piled in my parent's minivan with Kellie and Shaun (and dad of course) and headed to the much anticipated Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum. Yes...further evidence of my nerd status, but come's Star Wars. Right...ok, never mind.

Those of you who have been there can probably sympathize with me when I may not have been worth the money. And those of you who are disappointed because you didn't make it there might feel a little better. It was...ok. First of all, before we saw the exhibit, we sat through 45 minutes of the Omni theater's presentation of Special Effects from 1996. Seriously...the film was made in 1996. It featured movies such as Independence Day and Jumanji, which are great movies with sweet special effects for their day, but their day was 12 years ago!! I'm pretty sure a lot has changed since then. In the exhibit itself, it was fun to see some of the costumes used and the intricate models of ships used in the production, but they didn't even have Jabba! Darth Yoda....cooler. And Jabba would have been coolest, but no. He was not on display. Bummer.

So, the general consensus was that we had hyped it up a little too much before going and were a teeny bit disappointed. Oh well...the family time was fun.

* Any Weird Al fans??


Dave said...

I met him in a swamp down in degoba where it bubbles all the time like a giant carbonated soda...S-O-D-A....Sooooodaaa.