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That Joker is a tricky one, Mr. Bruce.

Last weekend, Justin and Autumn were in town for a wedding. During the course of the weekend, we had the pleasure of hanging out with Justin. Autumn couldn't make it, she was definitely missed, BUT we still had a great time with Justin.

We first went to our favorite sandwich place which is right down the road from us. It's called Caffrey's. They have the best sandwiches in town. No Joke. They are tasty! We should have taken a picture, but we didn't, so just picture the best philly cheese steak sandwich and that's what we had.

Next event of the evening, we went to the Walker Art Museum. During the summer they have a mini-golf course that is made up of different art pieces. It was a little spendy for only 7 holes, but where are you going to be able to stick your hand in a giant metal sculpture of Teddy Roosevelt??

After golfing it up, we went back to our apartment, Jessica decided to hit the hay, and Justin and I decided to hit the Tiiizzzown. We went to my favorite hot spot. SS Billiards.

This is my favorite place to get my pinball fix. It's definitely one of the top spots in the nation to play pinball, and it's right in Hopkins, MN! So, Justin and I listened to the owner talk for a while, and then hit the machines. We played lots of Lord of the Rings, and unsuccessfully tried to destroy the ring, and then we played the new Batman pinball machine. While playing Batman we found they did not spend any money to try and get the actual character voices from the movie. The guy who did Alfred's parts was absolutely horrible. He would say things like "I've got the Bat Pod ready for you Mr. Bruce." and "I just gave you an extra ball, Mr. Bruce." It was pretty awful, but the pinball machine is still a blast to play. What the heck is the "Bat Pod?"

All of this was really quick, and it was sad to see Justin take off, but it was stilled filled with great fun and conversation. We'll miss you Justin, and next time.....BRING AUTUMN!


Jessica said...

That's such a shnazzy picture of Llyod's. When we get a pinball machine someday, we NEED to get a florescent sign that says, "play pinball here" for our window.

justin said...

oh man -- the memories are flooding back! the perfectly grilled philly sandwhich -- the open maw of Teddy -- the terrible voice acting of Dark Knight pinball. as billy joel once said : "oh what a night".

wait, i think that song has connotations which makes this a little weird. scratch that.

can anybody say "secret weekend?"