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The one with the new fridge

We have failed to keep you in the loop with our appliance problems. This actually is a problem that was first noticed when we moved in: the freezer didn't keep ice cream as frozen as it should. Now, this may seem trivial to some, but for an ice cream lover like me, frozen ice cream is really what's desired. We at first chalked it up to this freezer just running a little warmer than most, but didn't lose sleep over it at that time. As the months went on, however, we noticed other things that weren't quite freezing properly: fruit, pizza...and the straw that broke the camels back...pudding pops. No one messes with my pudding pops!! At this discovery we took action and called in the troops. These pictures were taken of our old, dysfunctional fridge. Notice the name plate that was proudly displayed on the freezer door. We laughed about this for a long while.

Here, I'll give you a close up

That's right, THE KELVINATOR! It sounds so strong and "to the rescue." Well the Kelvinator failed us! With a little quick thinking, Dave snatched that name plate off the freezer, so we will have something to remember him by. It's such a funny name for a fridge, we couldn't just let him be forgotten. Thankfully the Kelvinator was replaced, with a not as humorously named fridge, but a much more functional one. Here is our new and improved ice cream keeper. I know it's used for more than that. I do. I cant really recall it's other purpose at the moment, but I know it has one!

The new name plate may be more shiny and better looking, but man is the name BORING!

All in all, our new fridge is pretty great. It even has an inside light which sadly our Kelvinator lacked. And best of all, I can put a box of pudding pops in the freezer knowing that they will still be frozen when I crack the freezer open later to eat one...or six.

Have a good weekend everyone! We are headed to the cabin.


Autumn Hilden said...

they still make pudding pops??!?? i want one. or six.