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Manhole away!

Okay, so I don't think this is a new concept at all, but I thought it would still be fun. I've started a project where I'm going to post pictures of the different manhole covers around the Minneapolis area. Quite a few of them have some pretty awesome Minnesota art, and they are just walked over everyday. Here are the first three to start it off. OH If someone knows the "PC" term for Manhole cover, let me know. My dad told me, but I have forgotten.

Notice the Squirrel hidden away in this one. I probably should have taken the picture with the Squirrel at the bottom, but since I took the picture with my phone, I can't rotate it because the dimensions will be all wacky.

I'll try to get my finger out of the picture next time as well. Wow.


4under3 said...

Very creative!! I love the manhole photo idea. I'll keep watching.


Autumn Hilden said...

i love these!!!

justin said...

Wow -- Personholes! Very cool idea.

justin said...

ps: i see you are reading V -- tell me how it is after you are done!