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The Cabin Rocks the Party part 4

Sick of this series yet?? Only a few more...

Alternately titled: Dave gets a makeover

When we got to the cabin, Dave looked like this:

His plan was to get a haircut and shave his beard. Something went haywire because halfway through the week, he looked like this:

I got scared.
I ran into the cabin and refused to come out until he shaved.
Except to take this picture:

And then everyone got scared.
We all ran into the cabin and refused to come out until he shaved.
Thankfully by the time his parents joined us for the weekend, the 'stache was gone.

Let's get a close up

And everyone was happy.

The End.


Autumn Hilden said...

i kinda was liking the long hair.

Justin said...

i kinda was LOVING the stache!!!!

mrs boo radley said...

I think he lost about three decades when the 'stache came off!

Dave said...

**tear** I cry every time I think about the loss of the my beloved stache..**tear**

you were awesome, and I loved you.

~Dave "empty face" Hilden

The Beals said...

Olive is getting so big!

The Baby Makes 4 said...

Good laughs. Dave, you are a funny, funny man. Thanks for the chuckle.

daningo said...

I like Dave's new look.

Anonymous said...

glad you kids had fun at our cabin
and how handsome dave looks . not
that he didn't before, but now......Wow!