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Herb Smell Test and other activities

Fun Fact #1: I used two tomatoes from our garden in our meal last night!

Fun Fact #2: Lark came to hang out with us for the evening.

Do you remember our special little friend Lark? You can read about her here.

We have so much fun when Lark comes to hang out with us. Last night's activities included eating pasta, playing with Olive:

An herb smell test (I'm really good at identifying herbs by their smell, btw):

And fun in the hammock. She said she was being a pea in a pod. Clever, no?

Lark is going to be a big sister in December so we gabbed about that much of the evening. She is going to be the best big sister this world has ever seen!
Thanks for hanging out with us Lark. See you soon!


Justin said...

That picture of Lark and Olive Oyl is prety awesome.