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Finally, some yard work!

This weekend included quite a bit of yard work and it was long overdue! My uncle came over with all his fancy tools and trimmed our trees and bushes and everything looks amazing! I'm kicking myself for not taking any before and after shots because the transformation is huge. Oh well. Just imagine crazy, out of control bushes and trees with limbs hanging way too low. And then imagine everything looking pristine and perfect. Nice, right?

This is my Uncle Bruce.

This is my cousin Jacob would helped to keep Olive occupied while the guys worked.

Dave got in on the action and tried out his trimmin' skills!

And me? What did I do to contribute? I made sun tea!

Thanks Bruce and Jacob for coming over and transforming our yard!


mrs boo radley said...

Nice to meet you, Uncle Bruce and Jacob.

That sun tea looks lovely.

SnoWhite said...

Yum. Sun tea :)

thanks for your anniversary wishes -- we had a wonderful day and had fun thinking back over the past two years. Time does go quickly by.