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The Cabin Rocks the Party part 5

Alternately Titled: The Widow Maker

One of the neighbors on the lake created THE BEST rope swing that I have ever seen or experienced on this planet. He welded it together from two street lamps that he had purchased at an auction.

After many swings, bruises, and bumps we were able to get the hang of it.

Step 1: Climb to the top of the platform and grab the rope.

Step 2: Swing like there is no tomorrow.

Step 3: Let go and splash!

After we were able to get the basics down, we decided to start to fanagle with the formula. My father-in-law eventually tried a backwards dive to much success, and we also tossed a football to the person swinging. For the football toss we had only 2 completions but it was all totally worth it. Here are a couple of videos for you to behold....

The right way

The wrong way


mrs boo radley said...


I'm coming over tomorrow.

I'll be there in 29 hours.



mrs boo radley said...

Or maybe 29 hours would technically be early Saturday morning.

Either way, it would all be very exciting.

daningo said...

That looks like fun. My boys would LOVE it!