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The Cabin Rocks the Party part 2

Alternately titled: Olive goes for a swim

We are not cruel people. We're not. But I believe that dogs (most dogs) are meant to swim. So, when your dog is being a chicken:

You must throw her in. It's really for her own good.

She might be terrified at first.

But just throw her in a few more times and she's sure to thank you for it.

She might even go in all by herself

She didn't actually jump off the dock like we were hoping she would, but she did wade in by herself and swim around quite a bit.

On the agenda next weekend: get Olive to jump off the dock!


Laurie Amos said...

Unbelievably cute photos. Love them!

Cait* said...

I love love love Olive. I had a Welshie named Owie-or Owen and I miss him dearly!