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it's easy today

It's halfway through the week, the sun is shining and we are headed into a holiday weekend. On days like this it's easy to be thankful.

109. lettuce and spinach straight from the farm

110. celebrating fathers

111. an old steam boat

112. a Big Island with a past

113. ideas that flow

114. free furniture

115. voices raised in praise, outside, sun shining down

116. a parkway walk

117. Domino's pasta bowl. seriously - this makes me happy

118. a husband that helps

119. hot leather seats after being chilled in a cold building

120. a grandmother's garden

121. pie crust

122. a new room mate!!

123. filling up on salad and bread sticks

124. leftovers

125. making three lunches instead of two

126. a husband's safe return

127. celebrating one year of life of a beloved little boy