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my sister the model

My sister is back to school. At the Aveda Institute to be exact. I have been in love with Aveda for quite some time and am a salon snob when it comes to getting my hair done. I only get a few hair cuts a year, but it has to be done at an Aveda salon. I really just don't trust anyone else. And beside, the products just smell so good!
Anyway - recently while at school someone approached her and said, "oh my word! You would be perfect!" What they meant was, you would be perfect for us to chop all your hair off, take pictures and submit it to a national competition. Most people would respond with "thanks but no thanks" but not Kellie. She jumped in with both feet. Just for some shock value, I'll show you what she looked like just a few weeks ago:

Check out that beautiful long, lush dark hair she was sporting. To say I was a little nervous for her to cut of that bounty is an understatement. She is so brave.

Now, without further ado - I present the post cut, color, photo shoot Kellie:

What the what?? Totally crazy and gorgeous Kell! Love it.


Jweaver said...

She really is so brave! I am way to chicken to do that. I hear you on the Aveda Salon Snobbery tho- I am right there with you. Lucky for you too that Kellie is going to be an aveda stylist!

Annie said...

whoa! totally brave, I think it's awesome.

The Beals said...

HOLY MOLY!!! That's Crazy! I wouldn't even have recognized her. :0 It looks great though! :)

Laurie Amos said...

And just get to have that totally gorgeous and talented girl live with you.

Anonymous said...

Is that Kellie?