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Let me tell you about something cool. Something hip. Something downright sassy.

It's called Ruffle.

Doesn't that sound like everything I promised it would be??

It's an online magazine and you

I will warn you, it's slightly addictive with all its hip trips, party tips, ruffle chicks, and creative fixes.

Find it here

You're welcome.


Jeff P said...

Dude! Now you're famous too! First Dave with the Batter Blaster and now you!

Linda said...

How fun! I think we were together when you found that mirror. Now you will have to do one on cake plates!

Jweaver said...

You're so cool :) I feel cool just knowing you! I kinda want to submit my trays..

Jessica said...

Do it! It's actually Autumn Hilden's magazine, so she's the cool one. You should totally submit the trays.