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Traffic, to me, is a mystery, an enigma, its dipped in secret sauce. I'm talkin' rush hour traffic. Traffic at other times of the day, when it flows at a decent, regulated speed is understandable. But rush hour traffic is a whole different beast.
I sit in pretty bad traffic on my way home most of the time. I'm not talkin' LA or NY traffic. I don't think I would last one day in that stuff. I'm referring to Minneapolis traffic which is bad to me. It's all relative.
Anyway, I don't understand how one minute you can be at a dead stop, then you get going at a decent clip (25 mph - which is a decent clip compared to a dead stop) and then just as soon, you are at a dead stop again. I don't get it.
I recently made a discovery, however, that greatly improved my rush hour traffic experience. For the past few months traffic has been getting worse (again with the mysteries) and I was approaching my tolerance threshold. I seriously couldn't handle it anymore. Classical MPR wasn't even helping to soothe my road rage like it usually does. When I get on the highway, it had been my routine to make it to the far left lane as quickly as possible. That's what you do when you want to go faster, right? I started to notice, to my surprise, that lane may not be the fastest one. I certainly couldn't fathom staying in the right lane with all the entering, and merging, and exiting. The right lane is a nightmare.
But what about the middle lane? The previously ignored and under appreciated middle lane. Where have you been all my life?? I discovered that the middle lane is actually the fastest! This discovery has revolutionized my commute. Granted, it has only lessened my drive by a few minutes, but those minutes are glorious.
Thank you middle lane. I heart you.

I also talk to other cars. Does anyone else do that?

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jazz works wonders on traffic. it's just the right balance of the dissonance that you're feeling and the harmony that you wish you were feeling. really, you'll feel like you're in a movie about a cool city girl. try 88.5.